Fossil Hathaway Tote

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

Fossil Hathaway ToteOMG People… seriously this bag will be mine in less than a week! Oh, Fossil makes me wanna kiss the ground they walk on. Okay, not really- but really! I love this look. It’s so hippie, and unique, and colorful, and thoughtful. It’s extremely roomy and generous in size. Thank you Fossil for giving me room to carry a copy of my favorite magazine! I mean, doesn’t it look like a soft suede? Well look again- it’s leather! Great detail and a cute fossil logo on the back. They didn’t miss a beat with this one.

I’m gonna bring in the New Year with a sophisticated rockin handbag! What about you? Check out Fossil on, and did I mention it’s LESS than $100.00? How about $88? Good enough? I hope so… you’re worth it! HAPPY NEW YEAR Purse Fetish Fans! Go dig up your own Fossil!

Fossil Hathaway ToteFossil Hathaway Tote-back

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