New at Envirosax: SlingSax & MiniSax

The mission of Envirosax is to help protect the environment for tomorrow’s generation by providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable shopping bags that have caused so much damage to the environment worldwide. “Incorporating recycled plastic bottles and other plastic waste into fabric is the next evolutionary step in our industry. Not only do we stop the wasteful use of one-use items with our products, we help to reuse what is already out there polluting the planet.”

Two new Envirosax products, the SlingSax and MiniSax, feature the new Envirosax RPET fabric. Made from certified Envirosax RPET fabric Envirosax RPET is a mix of 55% flat filament polyester & 45% Repreve® polyester (Unifi inc). The 45% Repreve® is in fact 100% recycled content. Tested and certified for recycled content by the only company in the world able to accurately do this – Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

Features of SlingSax

  • Messenger style bag for busy people on the go
  • Tie up handles to adjust to your body shape
  • Long handles to sit on your hip
  • Hands-free portability
  • Consists of three compartments, the bag itself and two pockets – one inside and one outside
  • Pockets are extra stitched to last longer from wear & tear
  • Rolls up to carry with you when you need an extra bag
  • Beautiful designs to look stylish while saving the planet

Features of MiniSax

  • Made from the waste fabric in the creation of SlingSax
  • Folds up into its own mini pouch to carry everywhere
  • Designed to fit in your back pocket
  • Reusable lunch bag
  • Features a cute little take away coffee cup holder
  • Beautiful designs, far more attractive than paper or plastic bags

The SlingSax and MiniSax will be arriving in stores soon! Visit Envirosax on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!

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