Haute Trend: Summer Travel Bags

It used to be that carry-on luggage was the smart way to go to avoid long lines in customs, and anxious, impatient crowds in the luggage claim area. While checking luggage hasn’t really become any more appealing, carrying it on has become a far scarier prospect. With regulations for what will make it on the plane changing all the time, there are more and more items that have to travel below.

Women that would have once travelled with hairspray, lip gloss, toothpaste, tweezers, or any other manner of liquid or pointy beauty item will now be stripped of their goods before passing through to the gate.  Instead of watching security toss your Dior perfume into the bin through your tears, let this summer’s luggage trends help you divvy up the goods wisely before even hitting the ticketing counter.

For practicality, choose small, stackable luggage pieces and stay organized by opting for multiple bags.  A great example is the Coco Cocoon from Chanel.  When paired with the other lightweight diamond-quilted pieces from the current travel bags collection, the rolling bag is perfect for easily navigating the airport and then quickly separating into two pieces of checked luggage and a carry-on.

The perfect overnight bag should be easy to carry, big enough to fit your essentials, and fashionable enough to go where the wind blows you.  Think of the oversized Birkin by Hermés, that will hold your nightie, toothbrush, and a couple pairs of heels, with all the class of this season’s tiny handbags– just a lot more of it.

When splurging on a classic set of leather luggage, the first instinct is to go with Louis Vuitton.  While these pieces are classic, there isn’t too much that they are offering in the luggage department that’s new.  Once distinctive, a set of Louis Vuitton luggage is likely to find a long-lost twin on the carousel.  An alternative may be a full set of calf-skin luggage from Prada.  With a choice of 16 colors like Papaya and Berry, and a variety of styles from the standard pull-suitcase to the perfect zippered carry-on, these sets are meant to mix and match to suit your needs.

Whether splurging or not, look for bright colors that help your luggage to stand out at the airport.  And choose at least three basic pieces: an oversized suitcase with wheels, a carry-on sized suitcase with wheels, and a basic shoulder bag, no matter where your summer travels should take you.

Author of this article, guest blogger Pauline Goodman runs her own handbag store from the UK and dedicates her time to following fashion trends and celebrity style. Any spare hours are spent being a doting Grandmother. She can also be found at Twitter.com/paulinegoodman, posting daily tweets for all fabulous fashionistas.

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