FEED Lunch Collection Exclusively at Pottery Barn

FEED Lunch Collection at Pottery Barn

FEED has partnered with Pottery Barn to introduce the FEED Lunch Collection. Funds generated from the purchase of each item in the collection will support the UN World Food Programme (WFP) or UNICEF, and provide children with healthy school meals and clean water, respectively.  All products are for sale at Pottery Barn stores nationwide and www.PotteryBarn.com.

FEED 50 Bag

FEED 50 Bag: A chic carryall, sized perfectly for all of your lunch essentials! Made of natural burlap, with sturdy green handles and an organic cotton inset.  Price: $45.00

FEED 3 Spork

FEED 3 Spork: A fun, retro throw-back and the ideal multi-functional utensil.  Each spork is stainless steel and has a blackened handle etched with the word FEED.  Price: $12.00

FEED 6 Storage Containers Set

FEED 6 Storage Containers Set: Each reusable storage container is made of porcelain, the containers come in two different sizes and with plastic lids to maintain freshness.  Price: $29.00

FEED 1 Water BottleFEED 1 Water Bottle

FEED 1 Water Bottle: The stainless steel FEED 1 Water Bottle  comes with a black plastic screw-on lid, and silver clip-on key chain. Price: $24.00


  1. This is truly a great cause! Feed is known to make fashionable couture clothing as in Real Housewives of NYC… Glad to see they are branching to an avenue that I can afford!

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