Easy Canvas Prints: Turn your favorite photo into a canvas print!

I recently discovered Easy Canvas Prints and absolutely love the idea of taking my favorite photo and turning it into a canvas print!  It was only right to choose a picture of one of my favorite handbags (the Fendi Multi Boston) and turn it into a piece of artwork.

Easy Canvas Print

It was really easy to do.  Simply upload your photo(s) and create a personalized print on canvas.  Easy Canvas Prints offers small, medium, and large canvas prints.  I chose the 8″ x 10″ size because I’m working on a collage and wanted it to fit with the other pictures. Once your image is uploaded, there’s an image quality indicator to let you know if your picture has the right resolution for a canvas print.  Next, select a border option – mirror image, image wrap or border color.  There’s a preview box so you can determine which looks best.  You also have optional color finishing and image retouching.  Once you make those few final decisions, it’s check out time!

Easy Canvas Print

When my canvas print arrived in the mail, I was beyond thrilled at how fantastic it turned out!  I will post another picture of the collage once it’s on the wall.  Whether you want to decorate your home or office, canvas printing wall art can be used everywhere because you create it!  It also makes the perfect gift!  Visit easycanvasprints.com to get started!

**I want to send a special thank you to Megan for allowing me to review Easy Canvas Prints and sending a complimentary canvas print.  I will definitely be placing more orders very soon!**

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