Fashion Stylist Mary Alice Stephenson Shares Her Fabulous Closet

Closet Factory is currently featuring the closet of style expert Mary Alice Stephenson, and it is way beyond fabulous!  If I could describe my dream closet, it would look almost exactly like this one.  Mary Alice Stephenson clearly eats, sleeps and breathes fashion.  She is a constantly covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty, so naturally, her closet reflects her chic, glamorous lifestyle.  The extensive collection of shoes and handbags are in a separate walk-in closet!  Did you notice how her jewelry is impeccably organized thanks to the Closet Factory’s customized organizational solution?  Check out the video (I’ve seen it 5x already!) and pics to see just how Mary Alice Stephenson thoughtfully arranged her skirts, blouses, evening gowns and accessories.  Don’t you just love how everything is displayed for easy access?  Click {here} for the highlights on Mary Alice Stephenson’s amazing closet.

Mary Alice Stephenson also shares with Closet Factory tips on what every woman should have in their closet, tricks to keeping a well edited closet, and how she selects the right shoes and handbags to complete an outfit.

Closet Factory: As a fashion insider and style expert, what should every woman own in her closet?

Mary Alice: “I think every woman should have the following staples in her closet: spanks, statement jewelry pieces, a bit of sequins, multiple shoe options, a yummy cashmere twin set, the perfect pencil skirt, dark denim, colorful ruffled blouses, a metallic clutch, bold belts, and a drop dead cocktail dress.”

Closet Factory: What are your tricks for keeping your closet neat and organized?

Mary Alice: “My secret is that I use all the same hangers so everything is hung at the same level and moving things back and forth is easy and clean. I also hang everything by color and category. I lay my jewelry out as a stylist does as it is much easier and time efficient this way.”

Closet Factory: When you have so many fashionable shoes and handbags, what are your tips on how to select just the right ones?

Mary Alice: “Fashion is all about breaking rules so I suggest women give themselves permission to play with shoes and accessories to glam up their classics in new ways. This means mix, don’t match, pile on the jewelry. Shoes and bags add the bling to any outfit. If you don’t mix it up, play, and have fun with your accessories you will look as bland as a vanilla cupcake without all that yummy icing on top.”

If you’re as fascinated as I am with Mary Alice Stephenson, click {here} to read the full interview and follow her on Twitter (@MaryAliceStyle)!


  1. Staci – You are right! What a great closet and I am jealous of all the stuff she has in it.

  2. Eden, I’m jealous too! It’s ridiculously fabulous!

  3. I would be happy to design your closets too, like I designed Mary Alice’s! Just give me a call. Each design is individually created to accommodate that particular persons inventory, space and special requests. I was thrilled to see all of her magnificent jewelry in those trays and what a fabulous shoe and handbag collection she has, that she can now see!

  4. Kay, you did an amazing job! I’m sure the closet transformation has changed the way Mary Alice puts together her outfits and accessories. Her jewelry collection is to die for. Love the velvet lined trays!

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