Featured Sponsor: 1st Class Bagz and Accessories

We are excited to introduce our new sponsor, 1st Class Bagz and Accessories.  We caught up with Rosalind Chamberlain, owner of 1st Class Bagz and Accessories to find out more about her love of bags and starting her own business.

HR:  How did 1st Class Bagz and Accessories come about?  What made you start an online business?

RC:  I love handbags and always wanted a boutique.  I started online to reach a broader audience and keep overhead low.

HR:  What type of women does 1st Class Bagz and Accessories cater to?

RC:  We cater to ladies 26 and up.  We carry bold and adventurous for the young and conservative and classy for the seasoned woman.

HR:  When shopping for bags for your online store, how do you choose what to sell?

RC:  I go to a lot of runway shows pre season and see what colors are hot or trendy and I refer to a lot of magazines.

HR:  How many handbags are in your personal collection?  How often do you change your handbag?

RC:  I have 10 handbags in my collection.  I change my back twice a week! I have a basic black for meetings and shoot for colors on the weekend or vacation!

Stop by 1st Class Bagz and Accessories and check out the entire collection of handbags and jewelry!

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