Designer Profile: Patricia Quist-Therson of Quistt Dezign

Quistt Dezign clutchQuistt Dezign clutch

I discovered the talented Patricia Quist-Therson while shopping on etsy.  A native Ghanaian, Therson’s background is in architecture and interior design.  She began designing clutches as a result of having sample upholstery fabrics and materials left over from design projects.  Therson began thinking of innovative ways to reuse samples instead of letting them go to waste.  Quistt Dezign was eventually born, and Patricia Quist-Therson continues to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade accessories with recyclable material.

Quistt Dezign clutchQuistt Dezign clutch

Quistt Dezign clutchQuistt Dezign clutch

Quistt Dezign clutchQuistt Dezign clutch

We caught up with the designer to find out more about Quistt Dezign and how she manages to balance work, designing and family life.

HR:  When did you first start designing handbags?

QD:  I started designing in August 2010 and released my first collection in December 2010.

HR:  Since most of your fabrics are from previous interior design projects, do you skip the process of shopping for fabrics?

QD:  Yes, I hardly buy fabrics, except when I run out of a particular fabric that I have a high demand of orders for.

HR:  I love that your accessories are handmade. Where do you find inspiration when creating each piece?

QD:  I draw inspiration from the Kente cloth, an elegant piece of Ghanaian culture crafted with vibrant colors and artist expressions. This is clearly translated in my use of color and fabric. I also revisit 70’s fashion and pull inspiration from the vibrant color combinations.

HR:  As a full-time interior designer and successful entrepreneur, can you offer any tips on time management?

QD:  I am actually an Architect/Interior Designer. Because I am a full time worker, Mom and also in a ministry, my business hours are flexible. I work normally on Fridays and Saturdays depending on the demand.

HR:  What does the future hold for Quistt Dezign? Would you consider expanding your accessories collection?

QD:  I see Quistt Dezign not only in the United States but also in London and Ghana.  I have another collection of earrings, and in the future I plan on adding a necklace collection and a clothing line.

Check out the entire Quistt collection on etsy and tell us which clutch is your favorite.

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