No More Searching for Keys with Charming KEYper™

Charming KEYper™

Sisters and Designers Kim Mack and Staci Douglas are on a mission (that we fully support) to find new and creative solutions for some of life’s little inconveniences.  Charming KEYper™ was designed for women (like me) who are sick and tired of digging around the bottom of their purse for their keys.  I always have a hard time finding my keys, and I know this is a common problem that women have.

Here’s how it works – simply attach your keys to the spring hook and toss your keys in your bag.  Naturally they will fall to the bottom.  Let the charm end of KEYper dangle slightly outside your purse and the next time you need your keys, just grab hold of your KEYper and pull them out.

Red Leopard Charming KEYperBlack Zebra Charming KEYper

Red Leopard Charming KEYper, Price: $11.99 and Black Zebra Charming KEYper, Price: $11.99

Lime Flip Flop Charming KEYperPink Dot Charming KEYper

Lime Flip Flop Charming KEYper, Price: $11.99 and Pink Dot Charming KEYper, Price: $11.99

Charming KEYper™ will make a fantastic gift for any occasion.  Visit their website to shop the entire collection and stay connected with Charming KEYper™ via Facebook.

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