Fab Find: Buena Onda Mochila Bag at Fab.com

Buena Onda Mochila Bag

Buena Onda Mochila bag

I just spotted a fab find over at Fab.comBuena Onda Handwoven Mochila Bag in three vibrant colors – dark fuchsia, bright yellow and bright blue.  Buena Onda is a lifestyle brand that supports the Wayuu People of Colombia.  Buena Onda mean “Good Waves” or “Good Vibes.” It is an emotional saying that describes the essence of something.  All of Buena Onda products are completely handmade and fair trade by the Wayuu People of Northern Colombia.  The Wayuu are known for making Wayuu Mochilas that are made by hand without using a loom. Therefore each mochila is one of a kind and can not replicated.  A typical mochila bag takes at least 10 days to make.  This traditional craft has been practiced by the local Wayuu community for generations, with weavers handing down knowledge generation to generation.  These bold, bohemian bags aren’t simply stylish—each one is woven with history.  Price: $120 at Fab.com.

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