Handbags for a Cause: Joanie Totes Update

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Joanie Totes was launched on March 25, 2014, six months after my mother passed away from a rare autoimmune blood disorder, TTP.  {Click here to learn more about Joanie’s battle with TTP}.  I collaborated with the amazing fashion illustrator, Jennifer Lilya, to design the Be Fancy & Fabulous’ Joanie Tote in honor of my beautiful mother, who I affectionately called “Joanie”.  Joanie was stylish, had impeccable taste, and was always fancy and fabulous.

Joanie TotesThe mission behind Joanie Totes is to raise TTP awareness…one bag at a time.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Joanie Totes will benefit the Answering TTP Foundation.  To date, we have donated close to $250.00!  Our contribution will help the Foundation with their education, support and research initiatives, so that we can move towards finding an answer for TTP.  We will continue donating a portion of the sales of each Joanie Tote, as we are dedicated to helping raise awareness.

According to Answering TTP Foundation, “TTP is diagnosed at a rate of 3 to 4 in 1 million people per year. Potentially fatal complications can result from internal blood clotting with damage to critical organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.”  The answers to many questions on TTP are unknown. This includes its cause, why it happens, what may trigger a relapse from remission, why some patients relapse and others don’t, what the long term prognosis is, how to ease treatment and how to cure TTP.  Answering TTP Foundation promotes research, provides support and furthers education initiatives that are designed to improve the prognosis for all TTP patients.

Click {here} to purchase your Be Fancy & Fabulous Joanie Tote.  Thank you to everyone who has supported Joanie Totes! xoxo

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