Why I Love PurseN Handbag Organizer Insert + 50% off Sale on Select Items!


PurseN is having a sale, and trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss it!  If you like to change handbags every other day, or several times a week or month, consider investing in a PurseN handbag organizer insert.  It will change your life!  I cannot begin to count the number of times I have left the house without my wallet, keys, Metro card, favorite lipgloss, and other important items because I decided to switch bags at the last minute.  Now that I have a PurseN insert, I simply drop it in my bag-of-the-day and go!

How PurseN worksPurseN-insert

The insert is available in two sizes and several cute colors and prints.  What makes PurseN inserts different than other purse organizers is the adjustable sides with expandable bottom zippers, uniquely designed to fit a variety of purse sizes.  No more slouchy, sloppy bags with a bottomless pit!  The inside of the PurseN insert has 9 compartments with one large zipper pocket.  Pockets are sized to contain all of your electronics and other necessities with easy in and out access.  There is an open middle space for your wallet, make-up bag, and essentials.  The outside of the insert has two additional pockets which I use for holding extra business cards and my receipts.

PurseN IlluminPurseN also offers an illumin handbag organizer insert.  The design features a sleek built-in LED light system with a customized on/off 60-second timer.  It has all of the compartments of the signature insert, expands to accommodate extra essentials, and lights up!  How many times have you been at the movies, a bar, or a dim lit restaurant, and had the hardest time finding something in your bag?  Most of the PurseN illumin inserts are sold out due to popular demand.  However, the leopard print illumin insert is on sale now at 50% off the regular price.

Stop by PurseN.net to browse their sale items and the entire collection of handbag inserts, jewelry cases, luxury travel totes (that are the perfect weekend bag, beach bag and/or baby bag!), luggage collection and other accessories – the perfect gift for any occasion (Mother’s Day is just around the corner!).  I already placed my order and will share my reviews on other items as I begin using them.

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