Fab Finds: You want Chanel…? Designer Vault will give you Chanel!

The genius of the Chanel bag can be found in its versatility—it has managed to be the perfect accessory, be its wearer in jeans or black -tie, artfully disheveled or painstakingly put together, for more than half a century, invading not only our wardrobes but our cultural consciousness as well. ~ Vogue

Every so often I become obsessed with the idea of finding the perfect Chanel bag.  Chanel is classic, iconic, and oh so fabulous!  I still remember the days of looking through fashion magazines as a teenager and thinking that Chanel was so fancy and grown up.  Twenty years later, I am still in awe over the power, allure and beauty of a Chanel bag.  Lucky for us, Designer Vault has the most incredible selection of Chanel bags that I have ever seen!  I am featuring a mix of classic and whimsical, vintage and new, everyday and special occasion bags in bold colors, texture and prints. Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Vintage Half Crescent Bag, Price: $1,350.00
  2. Chanel Python Mini Flap Coin Purse, Price: $1,950.00
  3. Chanel Vintage Red & Black Satin Colorblock Bag, Price: $1,250.00
  4. Chanel Orange & Purple Flap Bag, Price: $2,650.00
  5. Chanel Vintage Orange Jumbo Flap, Price: $3,450.00
  6. Chanel Mini Python Flap Bag, Price: $1,950.00
  7. Chanel PRESS Buttercup Yellow Jumbo Flap, Price: $3,950.00
  8. Chanel Pumpkin Orange Double Flap Classic Bag, Price: $2,450.00
  9. Chanel Vintage Jumbo Single Strap Flap Bag, Price: $3,750.00

Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Espadrille Flap Bag, Price: $1,750.00
  2. Chanel Green Satin Sequin Evening Bag, Price: $1,750.00
  3. Chanel Green Leather & Clear Camera Bag, Price: $1,650.00
  4. Chanel Green Suede Flap Bag, Price: $1,350.00
  5. Chanel Green Suede CC Shoulder Bag, Price: $495.00
  6. Chanel Brown Suede Backpack, Price: $1,250.00
  7. Chanel Cruise Caviar Leather Satchel, Price: $1,250.00
  8. Chanel Navy Blue Vintage Camera Bag, Price: $1,450.00
  9. Chanel Vintage Caviar Navy Tote, Price: $1,475.00

Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Kaleidoscope Satin Hobo Bag, Price: $1,850.00
  2. Chanel Fuchsia Pink Metallic Flap, Price: $1,950.00
  3. Chanel Metallic Ice Cube Runway Flap, Price: $1,750.00
  4. Chanel Vintage Fuchsia Bag, Price: $1,350.00
  5. Chanel Vintage Pink Shoulder Bag, Price: $1,875.00
  6. Chanel Vintage Pink Lambskin Shoulder Bag, Price: $1,850.00
  7. Chanel Vintage Light Blue Lambskin Mini Flap, Price: $1,950.00
  8. Chanel Purple Lady Braid Flap Bag, Price: $1,395.00
  9. Chanel LAX Shoulder Bag, Price: $1,250.00

Chanel Bags at Designer Vault

  1. Chanel Lambskin Classic Flap Bag, Price: $1,650.00
  2. Chanel Camellia Clutch Bag, Price: $895.00
  3. Chanel Raised Patent Square & Logo Clutch, Price: $995.00
  4. Chanel Velvet Camellia 5 Clutch Bag, Price: $695.00
  5. Chanel Black Satin Cruise Flap, Price: $1,450.00
  6. Chanel Black Patent Jumbo Flap, Price: $3,450.00
  7. Chanel Black/White Colorblocked Flap Bag, Price: $2,450.00
  8. Chanel Leather Medium Leo the Lion Flap Handbag, Price: $3,450.00
  9. Chanel Black & White Silk Coco Mademoiselle Scarf Shoulder Flap Bag, Price: $1,450.00

DV-Chanel Bags

  1. Chanel Satin Pearl Beaded Bag, Price: $1,250.00
  2. Chanel Vintage Medium Pink Tweed Flap Bag, Price: $2,950.00
  3. Chanel Satin Wristlet Bag, Price: $1,250.00
  4. Chanel Fantasy Tweed Flap, Price: $1,750.00
  5. Chanel Vintage Velvet Pearl Gripoix Evening Bag, Price: $1,950.00
  6. Chanel Pink Satin Gripoix Vintage Evening Bag, Price: $1,950.00
  7. Chanel Hidden Sequin Flap, Price: $1,850.00
  8. Chanel Purple Fur Bag, Price: $945.00
  9. Chanel Tweed Boucle Messenger Bag, Price: $1,450.00

Okay, so I went a little overboard.  Can you blame me?!  I will be featuring Christina Samoylov, owner of Designer Vault, later in the week.  If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any of the Chanel bags listed above, visit Designer-Vault.com.


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