On a personal note…Birthday & Blogiversary Reflection

Photos by Samia of SBM Portraits

As we enter into the last month of 2017, I find myself reflecting on the year as a whole. And more recently, the changes in my lifestyle that have me feeling like a new woman. After eliminating meat and minimizing dairy and processed foods from my diet, I shaved off 15 pounds. Talk about an instant confidence booster! With the help of Pinterest and my sister-in-law, transitioning to vegan has actually been fun and a time of self discovery.

I stopped watching TV (aka the idiot box). That was a super drastic decision (typical Scorpio) but it seemed so necessary. I had my lineup of shows – a mix of VH1 and Bravo, along with OWN and several others. Honey, I was constantly on an emotional roller coaster! Crying over¬†Grey’s (Anatomy) and This Is Us, then mad and stressed out over another show. It was draining me. The message was clear – cut out TV and focus more on me. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?! I feel amazing, like my head is much clearer, anxiety is down, and I’m in sync with my intuition. I love where I am right now. Managing work and family has become more effortless. We’re in a groove and elevating our vibrations individually and together. I can finally get back to doing what I love. I’m ending 2017 strong and looking forward to vibing more on Handbag Report in the new year.

Cheers! xoxo


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