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Vintage Gucci FindsVintage Gucci Finds
Vintage Gucci FindsVintage Gucci Finds
After connecting with some pretty amazing people on Instagram (yes, it took me forever to join!), I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to start featuring some of the fascinating folks that I follow daily.  First up is @vintageguccifinds. My friends and family know how much I love vintage Gucci accessories, so I get my fix from checking out @vintageguccifinds incredible selection of vintage Gucci that sells almost as soon as a picture is posted. Naturally, I had to find out more about the business behind @vintageguccifinds.
HR: When did you first start collecting Gucci?
VGF:  I started seriously collecting Gucci around 2008.  It began as just a love for the sneakers but as time went on, I ended up owning almost every pair of sneakers Gucci had available at the time.  Also, I didn’t like seeing everyone with the same sneakers.  I wanted to be different so at that point, I started focusing on finding rare sneakers that no one else would have.  I looked for Gucci sneakers that were released in other countries and not in the U.S.  During that search, I came across a pair of dead stock white vintage Gucci high tops and instantly fell in love.  I’ve always wanted to own vintage Gucci sneakers but knowing how rare they are, I didn’t think I’d have a chance at finding any.  After finding my first pair, I knew there was a chance at finding more and I couldn’t stop looking.  At that point, the collecting had officially begun.
HR: When did you decide to turn your love of vintage Gucci into a business?
VGF:  While searching for vintage gucci sneakers I came across handbags, clothes, accessories, etc. With the price of some of the handbags doubling from 2008 until now, partnered with the economy suffering, I thought it was a great opportunity to provide very unique bags that have been restored or have never been used at a fraction of what a bag would cost in stores today.  The quality of vintage bags are superior to the bags made today. It’s a win-win situation. The life span of the handbag is extended, the customer gets a unique restored bag for a fraction of today’s cost, and I get the satisfaction of making it all happen along with a small profit.
Vintage Gucci Finds
HR:  How did @vintageguccifinds come about?
VGF:  I joined Instagram around 2011 and some of the pictures I posted were of the vintage Gucci items I owned. The reaction I got was amazing. People who originally owned some of the things from the ’70s and ’80s that I posted wanted to own them once again, and some of the younger people who have never seen these vintage gucci pieces were instantly fascinated and wanted to see more. That’s when the lightbulb came on and I changed my Instagram name to @vintageguccifinds and went to work.
HR:  Walk us through the process of finding a vintage item and what is involved in prepping it for resale.
VGF:  First there’s the search.. And to have successful searches you have to do a lot of groundwork and get your hands dirty, meaning you have to go to garage sells, flea markets, thrift stores, swap meets, vintage boutiques, auctions and also online auctions. The next step would be to authenticate the item you’ve found by inspecting the material quality, hardware, stitching, stamp/serial number and the alignment of the monogram if applicable. Then you have to assess the damage, if any, to determine if the item is repairable and if it makes sense financially to move forward. Next comes the restoration process. Some of the repairs I can handle myself, and the rest I outsource to a company that Gucci uses to make repairs for their customers to ensure the quality of work is the best possible. Then photos are taken and posted to my Instagram.
HR:  What are your five favorite Gucci pieces in your collection?
VGF:  My five favorite pieces from my collection are my red, green, black, white high top vintage Gucci sneakers and a vintage Gucci cardigan sweater I have with a red/green web detail trim and brown buttons with gold “G”s in the center
If you’re looking for rare authentic vintage Gucci handbags, @vintageguccifinds will not disappoint!