Designer Spotlight: Kent Stetson

I discovered these amazing clutches on Instagram, and was immediately intrigued with the designer behind the bags. Who is he? What inspired his bold and whimsical designs? How is each bag made? I wanted to know more and see more! Kent Stetson creates stunning, cutting-edge handbags by merging traditional craft techniques with high-technology equipment and materials. After studying at Brown University, Stetson took an interest in new media and hybrid digital/traditional fine art. In 2003, as a framing experiment, he presented one of his digital paintings as a handbag, and has since made bags for collectors all over the world. By blurring the line between art and fashion he wants to in some small way inspire people to live beautifully. Mission accomplished!

I saw the Peacock Clutch (one of my favorites!) up close and it is every bit as fabulous as I expected. I can honestly say that it was hand crafted to perfection. What I love and appreciate most about Kent Stetson’s collection is that each clutch has a personality of its own. They are statement pieces that will always be a conversation starter. All bags come with a removable cross-body chain, logo dust bag, clear vinyl inner pocket, and are individually signed. Price includes shipping. All of my favorite clutches are pictured below. View and shop the entire collection at

Kent Stetson Peacock ClutchKent Stetson Peacock Clutch, Price: $195.00

Kent Stetson bagsKent Stetson Snake Clutch, Price: $205.00 & Kent Stetson Splash Clutch, Price: $195.00

Kent Stetson handbagsKent Stetson Red Wine Clutch, Price: $198 & Kent Stetson White Wine Clutch, Price: $198

Kent Stetson clutchesKent Stetson Tiger Clutch, Price: $205.00 & Kent Stetson Donut Clutch, Price: $205.00

Kent Stetson clutches Kent Stetson Brush Strokes ClutchPrice: $205.00 & Kent Stetson Stained Glass Clutch,Price: $195.00

Kent Stetson clutches4Kent Stetson Disco Clutch, Price: $205.00 & Kent Stetson Take Me to Oz Clutch, Price: $295.00

Kent Stetson Clutches 5Kent Stetson Dripping in Gold Clutch, Price: $195 & Kent Stetson Haiku Clutch, Price: $195

Reasons to Invest in Chanel + My Fab Finds at Fashionphile!

The Makings of an Investment BagY’all already know how much I love Fashionphile, the leading online reseller of pre-owned vintage, rare, and limited edition handbags from the most coveted luxury designers. It was founded by Sarah Davis, whose revolutionary vision of a safe and easy shopping destination for the buying and selling of luxury handbags, has enabled thousands to reclaim designer bags and accessories at exceptional value. If you’re looking for fabulous bag worth investing in, Chanel is one of the top brands because their styles stay hot for so long. Even bags that came out over 20 years ago are still in high demand today. What makes it such a key investment is that the retail prices increase every year or two. Check out the diagram of cost increases of a Chanel Jumbo Flap just in the past ten years. Keep in mind that classic styles, colors and silhouettes yield the highest resale value. Below are my fab finds at Fashionphile that are totally worth the investment.

Chanel at Fashionphile
Visit to view the entire selection of Chanel and other designer handbags and accessories.

Madewell debuts Our 2nd Story + Exclusive Invitation

Madewell GT Event

Join us for the debut of Our 2nd Story, an upstairs concept space with exciting thing (shop-in-shops, events, etc.) happening year-round. ECome by for exclusive styles from The Cambridge Satchel Company, free live monogramming and our entire collection of bags (which you won’t find in any other store).
Thursday, September 17th / 7-9pm
1237 Wisconson Ave. / Washington DC
#madewellxcsc – @madewell1937