Fab Gift Idea: SOI Automatic Handbag Light


Ladies, how many times have you practically turned your handbag inside out to find something? Lipgloss, car keys, pack of gum, metro card, you name it and I’ve lost it in the bottom of my bag. It’s frustrating and annoying to constantly dig around for stuff no matter how organized I try to be. I can finally kiss all that aggravation goodbye with SOI automatic handbag light by German manufacturer Brainstream. It illuminates automatically when you’re searching for something and then goes off (automatically), once you have found what you were looking for. It’s easy to use – an approaching hand or a light tap causes SOI to light up. After ten seconds it turns off.

SOI Automatic Purse Light makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion. It takes two AAA batteries and can also be used as a travel light or night light. Price: $31.99 at Amazon.

Protect Your Handbags with Mia Cotone Dust Covers


We found a stylish storage solution for your handbags.  Mia Cotone Handbag Dust Covers are designed to keep your fabulous clean and organized when you’re not showing them off.  Not only will Mia Cotone dust covers help prevent dust, dust mites and small particles from entering your bags, it will also preserve the exterior finish since each handbag will be stored separately, preventing finishes from sticking together and causing damage.  The breathable dust cover fabric keeps leather soft and supple and the coverage from direct sunlight prevents drying and fading. 


There are 27 colors and several styles to choose from which allows you to organize your handbags by color, category or name brand. With so many different color options, you can pick dust covers to match the color of your bag or use the ID tag which is included with every dust cover to differentiate handbags. There is zipper closure for easy access and an inside zipper pocket for wallet/accessories to be stored separately.


Simply measure your handbags to determine which size Mia Cotone dust cover to start with. Once you purchase a small, medium and large you will never have to measure again.  You can use these sizes to determine future purchases.  Visit MiaCotone.com to begin organizing your handbag collection and take advantage of the winter sale happening now!

COACH Leather Champagne Bottle Key Ring

The COACH Leather Champagne Bottle Key Ring makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion.  Take a moment to check out the cute details – patent and metallic leathers with hand-placed Swarovski stones and embossed Coach Cs. [Read more…]