Let DTLA Custom personalize your leather accessories


DTLA Custom is a luxury leather arthouse creating one-of-a-kind art for your leather goods. The team behind DTLA Custom is comprised of fashion forward individuals with over 10 years of experience in fashion, art, and manufacturing. They pride themselves in personalized customer service and excellent craftsmanship that will turn your leather accessories into fabulous individualized pieces. Let me just say that I love, love, love the idea of taking my designer bags and transforming them into something that’s unique and a reflection of my style and personality. Check out some of my favorite DTLA Custom designs below.

DTLA Custom designs


DTLA Custom designs

Isn’t it amazing how a little color and artwork can totally change an otherwise boring designer bag?! Check out the entire DTLA Custom gallery {here} for more inspiration. Next, go in your closet, pick out a few bags that haven’t been carried in forever and brainstorm on a design {here} so you can have your very own custom handbag!

Check out my ‘Fashion Talk’ feature on All Things Fashion DC!!

All Things Fashion DC featureI am soooo excited to share my interview with Barbara Collins of All Things Fashion DC.  Usually I’m the one doing the interviews, so it was quite refreshing for the tables to be turned for once.  Every time I reread the article, I feel my mother smiling down on me.  Thank you, All Things Fashion DC! xoxo

Joanie Totes featured on the Answering TTP Foundation blog!

Joanie Totes featureWorking with the Answering TTP Foundation has truly been my therapy over the past few months.  I have channeled my grief and anxiety over losing my mother (her story {here}) into something beautiful and meaningful in honor of my mother ~ Joanie Totes.  Learn more about my inspiration and story behind Joanie Totes over at the Answering TTP Foundation blog {here}.