House of DVF premieres November 2nd on E!


I am soooooo excited about the premiere of the new E! series House of DVF!!  We get a glimpse at the behind the scenes of Diane Von Furstenberg’s global fashion empire, while watching eight talented young women as they attempt to learn the ropes of the fashion industry under Diane’s mentorship.  They will face a series of difficult challenges, from planning a press lunch to working during Fashion Week on the DVF Spring 2015 show, and many unexpected things will come up as they attempt to navigate their assignments and execute them to perfection.  The last woman standing will become the next DVF Brand Ambassador.  I love a good fashion/reality-competition show!  It starts at 10:00 PM EST on November 2nd.  Will you be watching?

5 Steps to Success For Fearless & Fabulous Women by Teri Harrison

Teri HarrisonI have always known my purpose in life but constantly struggle with trying to figure out how to get on the right path to pursue it.  At times, I feel defeated and even insecure because I question whether I really have what it takes to turn my love of handbags into a successful career.  Through the wonderful world of social media, I have connected with some amazing women who have given me the confidence and motivation to take Handbag Report to the next level.  One of those women is Teri Harrison, the Founder and CEO of Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide, a personal development and business consulting boutique for radical entrepreneurs.  Teri is a business attorney, certified life coach and mega success strategist, who knows what it takes to grow your business. I am reposting an article from Teri’s Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide Blog

5 Steps to Success For Fearless & Fabulous Women

Teri outlines 5 steps you can implement right now to position yourself as a fearless and fabulous business woman.

Step 1: Purge Your Mind

The first step is to purge your mind.  Women business leaders are critical thinkers and understand the importance of having the right mindset, at all times.  To be a champion, you have to think like one.  Being Fearless & Fabulous means you are a gatekeeper of your mind. You guard it against negative, self sabotaging beliefs.  You protect it from self doubt and insecurity. You disengage thoughts, beliefs and habits that are disruptive in your life. When you do this, you create space for an entire new reality, a powerful one that lays the framework for everything that follows.

Step 2: Ignore Fear

Fearless & Fabulous Women ignore fear. They do not entertain it, and therefore, are not stifled by it. They execute consistently, despite any apprehension to do so.  They recognize fear is nothing but a mind game, existing solely to test your will. It will either stop you or propel you. So when it shows up, laugh. Laugh because you were created to be fearless. It’s your spiritual birthright. When you laugh at fear and ignore its lies, its power over your life dissolves.

Step 3: Enlarge Your Vision

A small vision yields little.  This is your season to make things happen. It’s time to up-level your vision and take your business to a whole new level.  Don’t think local, think global. Don’t create a product, create an empire. Don’t just see yourself as an entrepreneur. See yourself as a mogul. When you expand your vision, you open the door for unimaginable success.

Step 4: Embrace It & Love It.

Fearless & Fabulous women know that confidence is everything.  It translates into every component of your life, especially your business.  When you truly love yourself, you shine.  You light up the room. People want to connect with you. They want to buy from you. Your confidence becomes a magnet for success.

 Step 5: Take Inventory

Every business woman must take inventory of the “stuff” in their lives. You may be in possession of things you really don’t need.  As women, we must learn to let go of things that have let go of us. We must learn to discard things unworthy of keeping. Take inventory of every person, thought and habit you have and release anything that doesn’t make you better, stronger and wiser.

I am feeling more ready than ever to move forward with my vision.  No more excuses!  You can learn more about Teri’s services on  Be sure to also stay connected with Teri on Twitter and Facebook!

{Image via Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide, link to original post here}

DC Event: Fall Edition of Fashion Yards {10/26/14}

Fashion Yards Fall EventThe Fall edition of Fashion Yards brings back your favorite fashion trucks from the first event, but with even more trucks and retailers!  You can expect more menswear, shoes, accessories, and unique finds.  It takes place this Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.

FASHION TRUCKS: Pichardo Boutique, Tin Lizzy, Urban Pearl, Strut DC, Street Boutique, The Thread Truck, Craft Commons

POP-UP VENDORS: Bespoke Not Broke, The Pink Armoire, Duo DC, Evo Furniture Gallery, Bull and Moose, Stubble and Stache, Hippgyps, Carnelian Boutique, Handmade Habitat, Lettie Gooch, Reddz Trading, ADMK Jewelry, Saadia Arts, Typecase Industries, Rosies and Rockers, DeNada, The Vintageista, Dawn Price Baby.

Be sure to stay connected to The Yards for more fun events!